Dixon Bros. take 4th Consecutive Win at ‘Henderson'

    Lompoc, CA - December 12, 2008: Aaron Dixon and Ed Ramirez led the entire 4 laps of the ‘Henderson/Fabtech Desert Classic’ to chalk up their fourth consecutive Class 7100 win of Best in the Desert Racing Association’s Silver State Series. Driving the entire distance in the #7101 Dixon Bros. Ford Ranger, Aaron Dixon finished the race 11 minutes in front of Tyler Henn in the #7104 Ford and 47 minutes ahead of Heidi Steele, in the #7114 Ford Ranger. In spite of their four consecutive victories, the Dixon Bros fell one point short in their quest to repeat as Class 7100 Points Champions.

    To recap the 2008 season: after a DNF due to an engine failure at the ‘Parker 425’, the Dixon Bros. showed up at ‘Terrible’s 250 at Primm’ with a fresh motor and won the race over Erin Wahl, who was having a good day in his #7120 truck. Aaron Dixon started fourth in class but soon moved into second behind Wahl for the first half of the race, waiting for a chance to pass on a course that was too dusty to offer many opportunities. Finally, about 1/2 way through the race, the Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger passed him, as Wahl pulled into his pit to take on some fuel. Dixon never looked back after that and finished the race with an 18 minute lead to get back on track, moving into 5th place in the points chase, 58 points behind the leader. 

    The ‘Vegas to Reno’, in August, is always a hot and dusty race from start to finish and the Dixon Bros. fell back to seventh place after breaking a steering gear 100 miles into the race.  Fortunately, this race was tough for everyone and by the time Aaron turned the truck over to his brother, Ian, outside of Tonopah, at race-mile 150, the #7101 had moved into third place, just 25 miles off the pace set by the #7114 Ford. Ian kept the pressure on, moving into the lead as darkness fell and Aaron took over for the race to the finish at race-mile 300. He increased his lead all the way to the checkered flag and the Dixon Bros. won their second consecutive race by 40 minutes over the second place #7102 truck. The Dixon Bros were now third in the points, 51 points behind Steele but only 5 points out of second place.

    In the ‘Silver State 300’, easily the toughest course of the year, the Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford started third in class, behind #7114 and #7102, the first and second place class points leaders.  Within the first few miles, Aaron took over the lead when he passed #7114 laying on it’s side in the middle of the course and #7102 went down with a flat tire. The Dixon Bros. Ford led the entire distance by artfully dodging the endless silt beds, rocks and Creosote bushes that populated almost the entire course. The Dixon Bros. survived to win their third consecutive race by 2 hours, 12 minutes over the second place finisher. The #7114 had managed to get about 200 miles before being forced to put their wounded truck on the trailer for their only DNF of the year.

Going into the ‘Henderson/Fabtech Desert Classic’, the final race of the season, the Dixon
Bros. were third in the points championship, only 1 point behind the #7102 truck and 8 points
behind the #7114 truck. Ironically, in spite of a championship season, the final points tally came
down to the way the DNF that both Dixon and Steele had accumulated during the season was
scored. The Dixon Bros. were awarded only starting points (15) at Parker because they failed to
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pass the first checkpoint and therefore did not qualify for mileage points. On the other hand, Steele was awarded 18 mileage points, giving her a total of 33 for her DNF at the ‘Silver State 300’ because she had passed several checkpoints before retiring her truck. Even with a perfect season after the Parker race, the 18 additional points that Steele received at the ‘Silver State 300’ proved to be one more point than we could make up. 

    Dixon Bros. Racing would like to thank our sponsors whose support has made it possible for us to race to win this year. Our thanks go to Ford Truck Motorsports, Deaver Spring Company, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., KC HiLites, Light Racing, Premier Racing Products (PRP), RacerX Motorsports, Radflo Suspension Technology and Off Road Warehouse (ORW)

    Dixon Bros Racing has always been a family effort and without the help of our great crew, we simply would not be able to race. Thanks to our father, Jim Dixon, who helps prep the vehicles and support the race team in the pits. Thanks also to the Ramirez Family. Manny and Andrea Ramirez, their Sons Ed and Phil, and Grandson Andrew who all helped out from co-driving and working on the race truck to firing up the BBQ after a long day on the course.

    Dixon Bros. Racing will be keeping our options open before announcing any plans for the 2009 season. Until then, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and prosperity in the coming year.

Aaron & Ian Dixon
Dixon Brothers Racing