Dixon Bros. need a Win and some luck at ‘Henderson’
    Lompoc, CA - December 4, 2008: With only the ‘Henderson/Fabtech Desert Classic’ remaining in Best in the Desert Racing Association’s Silver State Series in 2008, Dixon Bros. Racing will need help to repeat as Class 7100 points champions this year. In an unprecedented mid-season change to the points system, BitD owner, Casey Folks, while reviewing the points awarded during the first three races of the season, stripped the Dixon Bros. of 17 points they had previously received for miles completed during the ‘Parker 425’, when a blown motor put them out of the race after 31 miles. Although the Dixons were ninth of ten Class 7100 vehicles on the course, which has historically resulted in 15 starting points plus an additional 17 points for his final position in the race, Folks said that he had not covered the minimum distance required to qualify for position points, knocking him down from 32 total points to just 15 points for starting the race. Folks took this action, in spite of the fact that the rules clearly state: “points awarded for miles on course if you DNF”, although we can find no mention of a “minimum distance required” to qualify for those points. While there is more to be said about the BitD points system and this controversial decision, the net result is that instead of being the points leader by nine points going into the final race of the year, the Dixon Bros. find themselves in third place, eight points behind the Class 7100 leader, Heide Steele. The Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger will have to win their 4th consecutive race at Henderson AND Steele will have to finish no better than fourth in order for them to win the Class 7100 points championship.

    The Dixon Bros. have gone over the truck since their most recent win at the ‘Silver State 300’ and found everything to be in excellent condition, aside from a crack in the radiator, which has been replaced in preparation for Henderson. This year’s race format will be different than in previous years with the various classes split into 3 different races, each scheduled to run four times around a 48 mile loop through the El Dorado Valley, just East of Henderson, Nevada. Class 7100 will be in group 2, which will start around 10:00 AM. Aaron Dixon will be at the wheel of the Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger during all four laps of the race and plans on making this his fourth onsecutive win for Dixon Bros. Racing.

    Current Sponsors of Dixon Bros. Racing are Ford Truck Motorsports, Deaver Spring Company, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., KC HiLites, Light Racing, Premier Racing Products (PRP), RacerX Motorsports, Radflo Suspension Technology and Off Road Warehouse (ORW)

    Dixon Bros Racing has been a family effort since the beginning. Jim Dixon (father) helps prep the vehicles and support the race team in the pits. The other side of Dixon Bros Racing would be the Ramirez Family. Manny and Andrea Ramirez, their Sons Ed and Phil, and grandson Andrew all help out from co-driving and working on the race truck to firing up the BBQ after a long day on the course.
    To follow the race on-line on Dec. 6th, go to www.racetheworld.net and follow the instructions to monitor the progress of the race and the #7101 Dixon Bros. Ford Ranger.

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