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Dixon Bros Racing has been hard at work developing new products for the Off Road Market. 

Check out some of our latest work!

1999-2006 Chevy 4wd Long Travel Suspension

1998-2009 Ford Ranger 4wd Performance Shock Upgrade

Ford Ranger Rear Cantilever Suspension 

2004-2008 Ford F150 4wd Long Travel Suspension


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Dixon Bros. take 4th Consecutive Win at ‘Henderson'

    Lompoc, CA - December 12, 2008: Aaron Dixon and Ed Ramirez led the entire 4 laps of the ‘Henderson/Fabtech Desert Classic’ to chalk up their fourth consecutive Class 7100 win of Best in the Desert Racing Association’s Silver State Series. Driving the entire distance in the #7101 Dixon Bros. Ford Ranger, Aaron Dixon finished the race 11 minutes in front of Tyler Henn in the #7104 Ford and 47 minutes ahead of Heidi Steele, in the #7114 Ford Ranger. In spite of their four consecutive victories, the Dixon Bros fell one point short in their quest to repeat as Class 7100 Points Champions.

    To recap the 2008 season: after a DNF due to an engine failure at the ‘Parker 425’, the Dixon Bros. showed up at ‘Terrible’s 250 at Primm’ with a fresh motor and won the race over Erin Wahl, who was having a good day in his #7120 truck. Aaron Dixon started fourth in class but soon moved into second behind Wahl for the first half of the race, waiting for a chance to pass on a course that was too dusty to offer many opportunities. Finally, about 1/2 way through the race, the Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger passed him, as Wahl pulled into his pit to take on some fuel. Dixon never looked back after that and finished the race with an 18 minute lead to get back on track, moving into 5th place in the points chase, 58 points behind the leader. 

    The ‘Vegas to Reno’, in August, is always a hot and dusty race from start to finish and the Dixon Bros. fell back to seventh place after breaking a steering gear 100 miles into the race.  Fortunately, this race was tough for everyone and by the time Aaron turned the truck over to his brother, Ian, outside of Tonopah, at race-mile 150, the #7101 had moved into third place, just 25 miles off the pace set by the #7114 Ford. Ian kept the pressure on, moving into the lead as darkness fell and Aaron took over for the race to the finish at race-mile 300. He increased his lead all the way to the checkered flag and the Dixon Bros. won their second consecutive race by 40 minutes over the second place #7102 truck. The Dixon Bros were now third in the points, 51 points behind Steele but only 5 points out of second place.

    In the ‘Silver State 300’, easily the toughest course of the year, the Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford started third in class, behind #7114 and #7102, the first and second place class points leaders.  Within the first few miles, Aaron took over the lead when he passed #7114 laying on it’s side in the middle of the course and #7102 went down with a flat tire. The Dixon Bros. Ford led the entire distance by artfully dodging the endless silt beds, rocks and Creosote bushes that populated almost the entire course. The Dixon Bros. survived to win their third consecutive race by 2 hours, 12 minutes over the second place finisher. The #7114 had managed to get about 200 miles before being forced to put their wounded truck on the trailer for their only DNF of the year.

Going into the ‘Henderson/Fabtech Desert Classic’, the final race of the season, the Dixon
Bros. were third in the points championship, only 1 point behind the #7102 truck and 8 points
behind the #7114 truck. Ironically, in spite of a championship season, the final points tally came
down to the way the DNF that both Dixon and Steele had accumulated during the season was
scored. The Dixon Bros. were awarded only starting points (15) at Parker because they failed to
200 East Laurel Avenue ❑ Lompoc, CA 93436 ❑ 805.570.3685 (Office) ❑ 805.736.5513 (Fax)
pass the first checkpoint and therefore did not qualify for mileage points. On the other hand, Steele was awarded 18 mileage points, giving her a total of 33 for her DNF at the ‘Silver State 300’ because she had passed several checkpoints before retiring her truck. Even with a perfect season after the Parker race, the 18 additional points that Steele received at the ‘Silver State 300’ proved to be one more point than we could make up. 

    Dixon Bros. Racing would like to thank our sponsors whose support has made it possible for us to race to win this year. Our thanks go to Ford Truck Motorsports, Deaver Spring Company, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., KC HiLites, Light Racing, Premier Racing Products (PRP), RacerX Motorsports, Radflo Suspension Technology and Off Road Warehouse (ORW)

    Dixon Bros Racing has always been a family effort and without the help of our great crew, we simply would not be able to race. Thanks to our father, Jim Dixon, who helps prep the vehicles and support the race team in the pits. Thanks also to the Ramirez Family. Manny and Andrea Ramirez, their Sons Ed and Phil, and Grandson Andrew who all helped out from co-driving and working on the race truck to firing up the BBQ after a long day on the course.

    Dixon Bros. Racing will be keeping our options open before announcing any plans for the 2009 season. Until then, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and prosperity in the coming year.

Aaron & Ian Dixon
Dixon Brothers Racing

Dixon Bros. need a Win and some luck at ‘Henderson’
    Lompoc, CA - December 4, 2008: With only the ‘Henderson/Fabtech Desert Classic’ remaining in Best in the Desert Racing Association’s Silver State Series in 2008, Dixon Bros. Racing will need help to repeat as Class 7100 points champions this year. In an unprecedented mid-season change to the points system, BitD owner, Casey Folks, while reviewing the points awarded during the first three races of the season, stripped the Dixon Bros. of 17 points they had previously received for miles completed during the ‘Parker 425’, when a blown motor put them out of the race after 31 miles. Although the Dixons were ninth of ten Class 7100 vehicles on the course, which has historically resulted in 15 starting points plus an additional 17 points for his final position in the race, Folks said that he had not covered the minimum distance required to qualify for position points, knocking him down from 32 total points to just 15 points for starting the race. Folks took this action, in spite of the fact that the rules clearly state: “points awarded for miles on course if you DNF”, although we can find no mention of a “minimum distance required” to qualify for those points. While there is more to be said about the BitD points system and this controversial decision, the net result is that instead of being the points leader by nine points going into the final race of the year, the Dixon Bros. find themselves in third place, eight points behind the Class 7100 leader, Heide Steele. The Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger will have to win their 4th consecutive race at Henderson AND Steele will have to finish no better than fourth in order for them to win the Class 7100 points championship.

    The Dixon Bros. have gone over the truck since their most recent win at the ‘Silver State 300’ and found everything to be in excellent condition, aside from a crack in the radiator, which has been replaced in preparation for Henderson. This year’s race format will be different than in previous years with the various classes split into 3 different races, each scheduled to run four times around a 48 mile loop through the El Dorado Valley, just East of Henderson, Nevada. Class 7100 will be in group 2, which will start around 10:00 AM. Aaron Dixon will be at the wheel of the Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger during all four laps of the race and plans on making this his fourth onsecutive win for Dixon Bros. Racing.

    Current Sponsors of Dixon Bros. Racing are Ford Truck Motorsports, Deaver Spring Company, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., KC HiLites, Light Racing, Premier Racing Products (PRP), RacerX Motorsports, Radflo Suspension Technology and Off Road Warehouse (ORW)

    Dixon Bros Racing has been a family effort since the beginning. Jim Dixon (father) helps prep the vehicles and support the race team in the pits. The other side of Dixon Bros Racing would be the Ramirez Family. Manny and Andrea Ramirez, their Sons Ed and Phil, and grandson Andrew all help out from co-driving and working on the race truck to firing up the BBQ after a long day on the course.
    To follow the race on-line on Dec. 6th, go to www.racetheworld.net and follow the instructions to monitor the progress of the race and the #7101 Dixon Bros. Ford Ranger.

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Dixon Bros. Win BITD SS300
    Mesquite, NV - September 27, 2008: Driving the #7101 Dixon Bros. Racing Ford Ranger, Aaron Dixon and navigator Ed Ramirez soloed Best in the Desert Racing Association’s ‘Silver State 300’, to win their third consecutive race this season. The win moved the #7101 Dixon Bros. Ford into the Class 7100 points lead with only the ‘Henderson’s Fabtech Desert Classic’ left on Best in the Desert’s 2008 racing schedule, December 5-7.
 Image   Aaron started the race in 3rd position, behind the #7102 and #7114 Fords. There was a mild breeze, but dust was still hanging in the valleys. The plan was to settle into a moderate pace and see what competition materialized. Around mile 15 they began to close on the #7102 truck, but attempting a pass was not worth the risk. Five miles later they encountered some thick dust, when suddenly the #7114 Ford appeared out of nowhere, lying on it’s side in the middle of the course. “We almost scraped our door on their roof but made it around the outside of the corner” Aaron said. “A few miles later the #7102, who was not running on Goodyear’s, was pulled over with a flat rear tire.” Now in the lead, the #7101 Dixon Bros. Ford found some clean air and quickly started to catch up to some of the race traffic that started in front of their class. So far the course had been tight and technical with no room to pass because of the rocks lining the road’s edge.
    At mile 85, bouncing in and out of some silt ruts, the steering started to get tight. Aaron was having flashbacks of the previous race where we lost our power steering due to a cracked rack and pinion housing. “As my face shield was showered with what seemed to be power steering fluid, I kept driving only to later see our engine coolant temp. quickly approaching 280 degrees. We pulled over to find the serpentine belt missing and an empty radiator. We quickly installed a new belt, as we were being passed by a convoy of vehicles that started behind us.  Moving forward again, we limped into Pit #2, a few miles across the valley, and filled the radiator.  I really thought the engine was cooked, but the temperature held and we were back in the race in second place behind #7104”.  For awhile Aaron took it easy on the truck, to check the engine temperature, before turning up the wick through Pit #3. They passed #7104 who was parked in the pit with no one working on their truck. The #7101 Dixon Bros. Ford Ranger was now back in the lead headed into what they knew were going to be tough miles. During the pre-run, this area developed some pretty deep ruts filled with powdery silt. “As we crested one area, what was once a single line had turned into a giant silt field littered with stuck vehicles trying to dig their way out by hand”, Aaron said. “We mashed the throttle down and gave it everything we had. I headed left at the beginning and, as our truck bogged down, I quickly downshifted to first with the engine screaming at full throttle.”

    Lompoc, CA - September 24, 2008: With only two races remaining in Best in the Desert Racing Association’s Silver State Series, Dixon Bros. Racing prepares to leave for the upcoming BitD\Bilek Racing ‘Silver State 300’, Sept. 26-28, in an attempt to win their third consecutive event in Class 7100. The Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger was sidelined shortly after the start of the season opening ‘Parker 425’ when a rock kicked up by race traffic damaged the radiator and resulted in a blown motor forcing them to retire the truck less than 30 miles into the race. Convincing wins at both the ‘Terrible’s 250’, in April and the ‘Vegas to Reno’, in August, have moved the Dixon Bros. Ford into second place in the 2008 Class 7100 points standings, 34 points behind the #7114 Ford. This is not an insurmountable lead for the Dixon Bros. to overcome but finishing well in the next two races combined with some bad luck for the leader will be necessary if the Dixon Bros. are to repeat as Class 7100 points champions.

    The ‘Silver State 300’ will start in Alamo, Nevada at 9:30 AM on Saturday, September 6th, but the #7101 Dixon Bros. Ford Ranger probably won’t get off the line until about 10:45. The course consists of a single 294 mile loop through the mountains and valleys of eastern Nevada, to the finish a few miles from Mesquite, Nevada. Although we haven’t raced through this area in a number of years, this particular stretch of desert ranges in elevation from about 3000’ in Alamo to 7200’ outside of Caliente and is well known for it’s deep silty sand washes and rocky, narrow mountain trails. Flat tires, clogged radiators and broken suspension parts will be common occurrences at the ‘Silver State 300’ and with only 12 hours to finish the race, there is not much extra time to react to serious trouble along the way.

In spite of the fact that the Dixon Bros. spent an hour and a half repairing a broken steering assembly at the ‘Vegas to Reno’, they managed to reel in the competition for the win after almost 13 1/2 hours on the course, moving them into second place in the run for the class points championship.  Once they got the truck back to their Lompoc, California shop Aaron gave the #7101 Ford Ranger a thorough race prep, replacing the rear differential and rebuilding the suspension in preparation for the ‘Silver State 300’. The truck was in surprisingly good condition considering how challenging the ‘Vegas to Reno’ had been and the Dixon Bros. consider the truck “raceready” as they prepare to leave for the Bilek Racing ‘Silver State 300’ in Mesquite, Nevada.

    Aaron Dixon will drive the entire 294 miles of the ‘Silver State 300’ with Ed Ramirez in the second seat as navigator. He is looking forward to getting behind the wheel of Dixon Bros. racing’s #7101 Ford Ranger and is scheduled to start third in Class 7100. To follow the race on saturday on your computer, go to www.racetheworld.net and follow the instructions to monitor the progress of the race and the #7101 Dixon Bros. Ford Ranger.

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Dixon Bros Chase Down Competition to WIN Vegas to Reno

    Reno, NV - August 23, 2008: Although environmental concerns shortened the Best in the Desert ‘Vegas to Reno’ race by almost 100 miles, the change in length did nothing to make the course any easier for the competitors. If anything, it was more difficult. Aaron Dixon behind the wheel of The Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger started ninth in the gaggle of Class 7100 trucks and ran a conservative pace, early on, threading his way through the race traffic. About 40 miles into the race Aaron got caught up in a traffic jam at a steep and silty hill where a number of production class vehicles were stuck. Those that were not stuck were each forced to wait their turn in line for 20-30 minutes to take a run up the steep hill and get on with their race. Had the race been started in Johnnie, as originally scheduled, this hill would have been at race-mile 150 and would probably have been clear since the slower and weaker vehicles would have fallen off the pace by then.


    After finally getting past the “hill climb” as Aaron called it, he was moving through some really extreme braking bumps when the #7101 Ford lost the power steering. “Once we loose power steering pressure, the feedback from the steering wheel is INSANE and it is impossible to hold,” said team owner Aaron Dixon. “We pulled off the road to survey the damage and found that the rack was cracked on the pressure side. We use a factory part, per the rules and were 20 miles from the next pit so we decide to limp it in rather than try to fix it ourselves.” 

    While trying to get back on the course, they got stuck trying to cross a ditch, which turned out to be deeper than it looked. “Without the superior traction of the Goodyear MTR tires and our Radflo Hydra Jack, we might still be stuck!” Aaron commented. Back on level ground, Aaron with co-rider, Ed Ramirez, continued on their way to pit #2 with no further issues. The steering was changed in the pit and they were back in the race and running in seventh place after losing about an hour and a half to repairs. He passed a few broken Class 7100 trucks on the way to Tonopah at race-mile 150 where Ian Dixon and Phil Ramirez were scheduled to take over.

    The Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger had moved into third place when Ian got behind the wheel, about 25 miles off the pace set by the #7114 Ford, who had held the lead all day. As darkness fell, Ian had some trouble working the adjustable actuator on the new light rack but the headlights and bumper mounted KC HiLites HID’s turned out to be more than enough to light the way to the next driver change in Hawthorne at race-mile 300.

    Along the way Ian had reeled in the leaders and when Aaron took over for the final 155-mile stretch to the finish, he was in the lead. The Dixon Bros. #7101 Ford Ranger had a flawless ride to the finish in Dayton, winning the BitD ‘Vegas to Reno’ by 40 minutes over the #7102 Ford, who had passed the #7114 truck for the second place finish in the final 50 miles of the race.  “We want to thank Robby Woolworth for opening up his shop the night before the race until midnight” Aaron said.  “We heard some loud gear noise coming from the rear end while loading up the truck after tech and decided to change out the ring and pinion. I called up Robby and he said, ‘No problem, I’ll wait for you to get here’. We ended up using our spare 3rd member with a gear set that had 5 races on it.”
    At the finish team owner Aaron Dixon said, “This is how the Vegas to Reno race always turns out, everyone has problems. Sitting at Pit #2 fixing the steering rack, I really couldn’t imagine winning this race, but we’ll take it!”


Dixon Bros. Optimistic about Vegas to Reno

    Lompoc, CA - August 20, 2008: After getting their program back on track with a big win at Best in the Desert Racing Association’s ‘Terrible’s Town 250’ in February, Aaron and Ian Dixon bring their #7101 Dixon Bros. Racing Ford Ranger pickup to the ‘Vegas to Reno’ race, August 21-23, optimistic about their chances for a good finish in this year’s event. As the third race in Best in the Desert’s five-race Silver State Series, the ‘Vegas to Reno’ is usually the pivotal event in the season for many classes and for the second consecutive year, Dixon Bros. Racing comes into this race second in the Class 7100 points series. In 2007, after a race highlighted by fuel pump problems and a broken spindle late in the race, the Dixon Bros. Ford Ranger emerged from the ‘Vegas to Reno’ with a third place finish and took over the lead in the Class 7100 points championship, which they went on to win by a substantial margin last year. The Dixon Brothers won this event in 2003 and have their sights set on another win this year. Although the original course was scheduled to start in Johnnie, Nevada, about 60 miles west of Las Vegas, in July the Center for Biological Diversity expressed concerns for the habitat of the “Amargosa Toad”, which is native to part of the race course near Beatty, so the starting line was relocated north of Beatty to avoid the endangered creature’s habitat. While this course alteration shortened the course by almost 100 miles, the solution was one that everyone could live with and allowed the race to go on as scheduled.
    Billed as “The Longest Off-Road Race in the United States”, festivities for the ‘Vegas to Reno’ race begin with tech and contingency throughout the day on Thursday, August 21st at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. On Friday morning the action moves 125 miles north, to the starting line at Pioneer Road, about seven miles beyond the old mining town of Beatty, NV, where more than 200 cars and trucks are scheduled to stage for the start of the race at 10:30 AM. During the race, which covers 475 miles across parts of the Mojave and Great Basin deserts, racers will face elevation changes rangin from 2,000 feet through the sand washes and river beds in the south to over 6000 feet across the northern mountain ranges to finish in Dayton, Nevada just south of Reno.
    Aaron will start the race with Ed Ramirez in the second seat. At Tonopah, 154 miles into the race, Ian Dixon will take over behind the wheel and Phil Ramirez will navigate until the truck reaches Hawthorne, at racemile 294, where Aaron and Ed will get back in the truck and take it to the finish. Rounding out this family effort, in the support vehicles, will be Jim Dixon, the driver’s father and Andrea and Manny Ramirez, the co-rider’s parents. Everyone on the team is looking forward to a family reunion at the finish line, in Dayton sometime in the late evening hours on Friday, if all goes as planned.


Dixon Bros Racing WINS at ‘TERRIBLE’S 250 AT PRIMM’

    Lompoc, CA - April 19, 2008: After damage to the radiator resulted in the loss of their engine early in the season opening ‘Parker 425’, Dixon Bros. Racing’s Class 7100 Ford Ranger got back on track with a convincing win at Best in the Desert’s ‘Terrible’s 250 at Primm’, held April 19th in the desert north of Primm, Nevada. Team owner, Aaron Dixon, drove the entire event in the #7101 Ford with Phil Ramirez in the second seat. Other than having to put up with some very dusty conditions during a windless day of racing, the 2007 BitD Class 7100 Points Champion ran a trouble-free race, taking the checkered flag by 18 minutes over Erin Wahl in the #7120 Ford Ranger. Although the Terrible’s 250 was the first win of the season for Dixon Bros. Racing, this is the third win in the last four races for the Lompoc, California based team.

    According to Aaron Dixon, “We started fourth in Class 7100 and after passing one truck stuck in a 90 degree turn around race mile three, we caught Wahl (#7120), but the dust was too thick to try for a pass, so we held back to keep decent visibility and not risk damage to the truck early in the race. At one point we were racing directly into the rising sun on the horizon and in the hanging dust hit a huge rock on the side of the course that ripped the steering wheel out of my hands and launched the truck up on two wheels. The truck survived the impact and we kept feeling our way through the blinding dust trying not to lose time. We would catch the #7120 truck in the rough, tight and twisty sections, but once the course turned into fast graded roads we would again be blinded by the dust. We tried to pass on the dry lake section, but our trucks were pretty evenly matched on top speed so we had to fall back in the dust and wait. Eventually, the #7120 Ford stopped in Pit A, on the second lap and we were able to finally get into clean air and put six minutes on them prior to our planned fuel stop at Pit B. We left the pit with a four minute lead and a full tank of gas. The final lap of the race we tried to keep up our pace and stretch out our lead. We finished the race with an 18 minute lead, beating all of the other truck classes in the morning race. Our only issues during the race were a high oil temperature during the high speed dry lake sections, and a handling issue that was later determined to be the steering wheel shaft rubbing on a cage tube which caused a slow steering response.”

    With three races remaining on the 2008 racing schedule, the ‘Terrible’s 250’ win moves Dixon Bros. Racing into second place in the race for Best in the Desert’s Silver State Series points championship in Class 7100. The next race for Dixon Bros. Racing is the Best in the Desert ‘Vegas to Reno’, August 21-23 which will start near Las Vegas, Nevada and stretch over 550 miles across the state of Nevada to the finish, outside of Reno.

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